Dressing the Bouquet: Fabric Collar

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 1999

Using a beautiful handkerchief or napkin to wrap your wedding bouquet gives you a chance to show off a sentimental heirloom. The stitching is easily removed, and a solid wrapping of floral tape protects fabric from stains.

Fabric Bouquet How-To
1. Fold handkerchief into a triangle. Leaving a generous portion of thread at either end (do not knot), hand-sew 1-inch stitches across the fabric, about 2 inches below the fold.

2. Arrange bouquet; wrap stems with floral tape. Place arrangement on handkerchief so tops of blooms lie just below fold. Pull fabric along thread to create gathers.

3. Fold in left side of gathered fabric; tuck thread ends inside.

4. Fold up bottom edge of fabric so point hits base of blooms. Wrap right side of fabric over left and around stems; pull taut. Fasten with decorative pins; adjust collar.

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