Sparkling Bouquets

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2006

A little sparkle is perhaps the only thing that would make a bride even more radiant on her wedding day. Carry a bouquet that shimmers for an evening affair, or choose a glittering posy for nuptials in winter to reflect the dazzle of the holidays. Begin with flowers and foliage that have a natural luminescence in rich golds, silvery greens, or ethereal whites. Play up their attributes by nestling glass beads, sequins, or metallic-threaded trim in their midst. A crystal brooch or pearly button on the satin ribbon handle will only add to the effect.

Flecks of Gold
In a gilded cascade, beaded florets, strung by hand, glint like tiny holiday lights amid cymbidium orchids, bupleurum, gloriosa lilies, and lady's mantle; velvety gold-tipped cockscomb lend their own luster. The stems are wrapped in a wide gold band of satin ribbon and adorned with "something old": a star-like rhinestone brooch.

Pearlescent Pinks
This bouquet combines sweet peas, roses, and feathery astilbe with helichrysum and beaded leaves. Virtually invisible until they catch the light, individual pink sequins affixed to wire stems are interspersed among the blooms. On the handle, mother-of-pearl buttons dangle from metallic-pink ribbon.

Icy Whites
Above a shimmering vintage jacquard ribbon are snowy clusters of hyacinths and cattleya orchids. And sprinkled throughout, like glistening frozen crystals, are silver ribbon clasps attached to wire stems.

Precious Silver
Shiny fabric leaves (actually appliques snipped from a ribbon) transform a classic white assortment into a glamorous wintry display. The wired leaves frame one edge of the cone-shaped bouquet and are mixed in among fresh flowers -- miniature calla lilies, scabiosa, delphinium florets, and lilies-of-the-valley. Sterling-silver beads on wire stems are also inserted here and there. Sequined ribbon forms a band around the stems, and tendrils of silver ribbon drift over it.

Bronze Stars
As rich as a floral still-life, this dome-shaped bouquet of warm-hued garden roses is enhanced by dates and kumquats brushed with gold metallic powder and set on wire stems. Shell-shaped metallic trim wraps the wider ivory satin ribbon.

Polished Posies
Sweet bridesmaid bouquets gleam with silver accents. Metallic paper doilies, which have been snipped and wired, echo the petals of lisianthius and garden roses that surround them. Wide satin ribbon wraps the stems, while thin metallic ribbons trail freely. A pearl-and-rhinestone button and a crystal-and-pearl brooch make lovely mementos for the attendants who will carry them.


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