White Magic

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2007

What the little black dress is to cocktails, the white bouquet is to weddings -- a can't-miss classic. Countless stylish brides have carried it over the years: Consider Jacqueline Kennedy's loose gardenia-and-orchid cascade or Princess Diana's exuberant waterfall of gardenias, orchids, roses, lilies of the valley, freesia, and stephanotis. A snowy arrangement always speaks of fresh promises and beginnings, but it needn't be predictable. As these examples by four New York floral designers show, it can be organic and delicate (drifts of flowering branches); simple and sleek (a cloud of clematis); unabashedly feminine (pink-streaked peonies, pearled ribbons); or slightly wild (a tangle of curly jasmine vines). Hints of warm rose or gold and leaves from silver to chartreuse ensure each posy pops against a creamy gown, while the base blooms prove that when it comes to bouquets, white makes right.

Natural Wonder
Voluptuous Vines
Blushing Beauty
Bohemian Chic


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