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Black Tie Bouquets: White Carnations

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2003

White carnations are transformed into an amazingly stylish bouquet thanks to ingenious details like handmade white ribbon flowers and a pleated stem wrap adorned with black silk blooms.

Ribbon Flower How-To
For each flower, cut a 9 1/4-inch length of 1-inch-wide satin ribbon.

1. Measure 1/2 inch from one end; mark lightly in pencil. From there, mark 1 1/2-inch intervals five times (for five petals).

2. With matching thread, hand-stitch semicircles from mark to mark.

3. Pull thread to gather; knot.

4. Sew ribbon ends together, right sides facing, to make flower; snip off extra ribbon. For stem, stitch flower to looped and twisted end of white floral wire.

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