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Q. My daughter's wedding will be on May 22, and she would like to have a variety of spring flowers at the wedding. Are pansies and hydrangeas a practical choice? Will they last the entire day and stay fresh?
-- Marcia Kammann, Newton, Wisconsin

Although pansies are certainly beautiful flowers, they are not good candidates for bouquets. They are rather fragile and wilt very quickly if their stems are not kept in water. Their stems are also quite short, which makes it difficult to work with them. If your daughter wants to incorporate pansies into her wedding, arrange some in a pansy ring or in a small pot, which you can use to decorate the reception tables.

For a bouquet, tulips and hydrangeas are both good choices. But May 22 is a little early for hydrangeas in your area, so I would recommend a bouquet of beautiful tulips. Some other spring flowers that will be in bloom in your area are daffodils, forsythia, lily of the valley, lilacs, peonies, viburnum, cherry blossoms, and crabapple blossoms.

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