Pink and Orange Reception Table Ideas

Martha Stewart Weddings, June Summer 2005

The cheery mood of the colors on this reception table matches the fresh style of the centerpieces and favors. We used fabrics and flowers in a range of tones, from pale to saturated, giving the room a soft glow. The arrangements are azaleas snipped from potted plants: You'll get more blooms for the price that way. At each place, inside the folds of the napkin, is a prettily boxed favor (a macaroon); a place card leans against it.




This japanese furoshiki-wrapping technique is quick and simple.

Wrapping How-To
1. You'll need a 16-inch square of lightweight fabric for the napkin (trim sides with pinking shears), plus a clear plastic box, a strip of patterned rice paper, and a macaroon or other similar treat. Line box with paper and insert cookie; close box.

2. Position cloth like a diamond. Lay box at center. Fold up bottom corner so it almost touches box; fold up again, partially covering box. Repeat at top corner.

3. Pinch fabric on each side of box as shown.

4. Bring left side toward you and right side away.

5. Make a half-knot: Wrap left side of fabric over and around right side. Pull to tighten, then fan out fabric at the points.

Colorful and affordable azaleas Azaleas are great for this palette because they come in every rosy shade imaginable, from blush to salmon to hot pink, and all coordinate nicely. Buy potted azaleas, which are available year-round. They're less expensive than traditional cut-flower arrangements, something to consider when displaying thick clusters of blooms. Plan on using about half a plant per container.


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