The True Color of White Bouquets

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2006

Forever elegant and chic, a white bridal bouquet is always just right, whatever your wedding's style or season. Though neutral, white is hardly plain; it's often touched with other hues that warm it up, soften it, or give it depth. Sometimes the color shows up in the petals, which may seem as if they've been washed in pink or gold. Or a bloom's center might contain the color -- as with the yellow trumpets of daffodils or green throats of milky calla lilies. Even the stems can affect your perception of a flower's fairness, since greens make whites look crisper. A white bouquet's pastel undertones rise to the surface when set against snowier blooms or a white dress, and its shadings can be further emphasized with ribbon. To keep white blossoms looking their best, store your bouquet out of the sun and handle it as little as possible before you walk down the aisle.

Glossary of White Flowers
Warm Whites Bouquet
Palest Pinks Bouquet
Peachy Creams Bouquet
Pristine Greens Bouquet


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