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Flower Girl Bouquet How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2010

Flower girls are -- how shall we put this? -- not always so careful with the flowers in their care. 

Consider giving yours something with staying power, like this easy-to-make ribbon bouquet with built-in handle. 


Dot jacquard flower girl dress, $198, J.Crew
Ribbon (#4495, width 75, colors 31 and 64), $22.92/yard, Mokuba New York, 212-869-8900.

Bouquet How-To 
1. Cut a 3-yard length of 3-inch-wide taffeta ribbon. Working in 6-inch sections, sew a basting stitch along one edge, gathering ribbon as you go. Knot thread at end. 


2. Twist ribbon to form a spiral, securing every few inches on sewn edge with fabric glue. 

3. Make felt handle. Cut two 2 1/2-inch circles and a 4 1/2-by-3/4-inch strip. Wrap strip around a circle and glue ends; glue other circle over ends. 

4. Tie 1 yard of ribbon in a bow. Glue handle to bow and back of flower.

Comments (2)

  • sarah1935 3 May, 2010

    The ribbon isn't wired taffeta is it? I'm having trouble finding taffeta ribbon that is not wired. Any suggestions?

  • Mandik019 30 Mar, 2010

    I absolutly love this and plan to make one for each of the little girls inited to the wedding so they all feel like flower girls!