Floral Chandelier

The Martha Stewart Show

Tools and Materials
20-inch floral frame ring
1 1/2-inch-thick single-faced satin ribbon
1/2-inch-thick organza ribbon (yardage depends on quantity of strings wanted)
Silk flowers
Crystals (optional)

Floral Chandelier How-To
1. Wrap the floral ring with the single-faced ribbon using the glue gun to attach at the start and finish.

2. Cut the organza ribbon into 32-inch strips.

3. Tie knots in the bottom of the organza ribbon (you can attach crystals at this time).

4. Glue 4 or 5 flowers to each side of the knot.

5. Tie the organza ribbon to the floral frame, constantly making sure they are all equal in length.

6. Glue remaining flowers to the outside of the floral frame.

Preston Bailey's book, "Inspirations." The materials used to make the chandelier can be found at major crafts stores. Linens and chair backs are from wildflowerlinens.com. The table overlay and underlay are from clothconnection.com. The stools are from taylorcreativeinc.com.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Preston Bailey and Darcy Miller for showing us how to make a floral chandelier -- the perfect arrangement for a wedding.


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