Perfect Palette: Blue and Silver

Martha Stewart Weddings, December Winter 2006

Luxurious and refined or chic and modern, this cool color combination brings warmth to winter weddings. Ask any number of people to name their favorite color, and most will likely say blue. Yet the hue is anything but ordinary.

Blue has a long association with weddings, symbolizing purity and fidelity. Paired with silver, the normally serene blue takes on an inviting, festive air that befits a celebration -- especially one in the winter. And the palette can be tailored to a snazzy New Year's Eve reception in the city or one in the snow-covered countryside.

Whatever the mood, consider soft and medium blues and crisp, platinum-toned silvers. When choosing which shades to bring to life on the following pages, we took our blue cues from beautiful fabric and velvet flowers, as well as delicate tissue paper and lace; embossed paper leaves, iridescent paper and ribbons, and shimmering tassels guided our choice of silver tones.

Shimmery Settings
Precious Favors
Creative Send-Offs


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