Fresh Flower Cakes

Martha Stewart Living Television

Wendy Kromer's interest in cake decorating began when she was 7, under the influence of her aunt Evelyn, a formidable cake decorator in her own right. Throughout her childhood, Wendy spent considerable time in her mother's kitchen, embellishing virtually anything that stood still long enough. But parlaying her skills into a career was a few years -- and one major geographic step --  away; prior to enrolling at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Wendy spent a decade as a fashion model in Paris. Once she focused her attentions in New York, however, success came quickly; she began working in the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living and then opened her own cake- and cookie-making business. Many of her creations have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, including this multitiered basket-weave cake that's topped with a selection of freshly cut flowers. To make this simple yet elegant wicker pattern, Wendy filled piping bags with white and pink buttercream and then fitted each bag with an Ateco No. 6 plain tip; she kept the lines thin and straight by bracing her arm against her side and her leg on a crate.



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