Daffodil Stamp How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2010

"A host, of golden daffodils / beside the lake, beneath the trees / fluttering and dancing in the breeze." We love daffodils as much as William Wordsworth did -- they herald spring's arrival. Here, budding bulbs bought from a local nursery are nestled into sake cups beneath beds of rocks. To turn them into take-home favors, use a rubber stamp to imprint planting instructions onto wooden posts. If you prefer dormant bulbs, buy them online in the fall.

You can have your rubber stamp made at a local office-supply store; simply download our Daffodil Planting Instructions clip art, and either print it out or save it onto a disk, whichever your stamp maker would prefer. Ask the stamp maker to center the stamp in a 3-by-2-inch rectangle; this will make it easier to align when stamping.

We set our budding daffodil bulbs into wooden sake cups and layered small rocks on top to keep them from shifting (they're tidier than soil; get them from a gardening store).

To make the tags, use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut wood paper into 3-by-2-inch tags. Stamp the planting instructions onto each. Use white glue to attach a wooden coffee stirrer to the back.

Large wooden sake cup (OMS-100), $5.75, Buy4AsianLife.com.

Wood veneer paper, $10.85/sheet, New York Central Art Supply, 800-950-6111.

Bulbs, John Scheeper's.


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