A Glossary of Patterned Petals

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 36 2006

This assortment suggests the almost infinite range of interesting, colorful blooms.

1. A tree peony in sunset shades
2. Showy two-tone clematis
3. Pink cyclamen splashed with white
4. Color-dipped ranunculuses
5. Thistlelike gomphrena
6. Tricolor gloriosa lily
7. Sculptural lady's slipper orchid
8. Speckled vanda orchids
9. A pair of broad-petaled pink moth orchids

10. Dahlia variations, large and small
11. A mix of pink carnations
12. Fluttery parrot tulips
13. Pink-tinged azaleas
14. Salmon-streaked amaryllis
15. Hellebores in shades of green and purple
16. Variegated cyclamen and begonia leaves
17. Vivid striped roses
18. Alstroemeria trio



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