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Garden Variety: Ruffly Rose-Petal Garland

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A string of soft petals encircling a dainty cake makes romantic use of a classic flower. With sepal removed, the petals of a perfect rose fall open; the flower's grace repeats in a necklace of pale petals -- cream and blushing yellow -- on the cake's first tier. Lemon curd fills butter-cake layers, which are frosted in white-chocolate buttercream tinted yellow. Pristine blooms garnish the plate.

Rose-Petal Garland How-To
To make a garland for an 8-inch-round tier, you'll require about a dozen fully opened roses in coordinating shades (we used Latin Ambiance, Mystique, and Skyline roses) and 30 inches of 26-gauge wire (ours is yellow craft wire). Create garland on the day of the wedding and keep refrigerated. Remove petals from roses. Layer two or three petals and roll into a loose cylinder. Gently insert the wire through both sides of the roll to keep it from unraveling; slide flower roll along wire as far as it will go. Continue until garland is desired length. Place on cake, and twist ends together; conceal behind garland.

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