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Flag Conversation Starter

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2009

This bold time line serves as a three-dimensional reminder of when you first met your guests. Play it during cocktail hour and guests will be sure to mingle.

Game Board How-To
1. Download the PDF onto a disk or thumb drive, and take it to a print or copy shop that can print on oversize paper. (You will need 17-by-46-inch paper in order to print out the full-size timeline.)

2. The timeline is designed to encompass a wide range of years; some of them won't be useful for you. Work with the copy shop to cut off the sections that contain years that aren't applicable (those before the oldest of you was born and those years that are after your wedding).

3. Have the copy shop mount the cropped timeline on foam board.

4. To attach it to the wall, hang it like a picture: Lay a string across the top half of the board on the back side, and tape it securely at the ends with duct tape or wide packing tape. Then work with your venue to hang a removable self-adhesive picture hook on the wall, and loop the string across it.


Flags How-To
Use a paper trimmer or a craft knife and metal straightedge to cut 1/2-inch-wide strips of scrapbooking or other paper (those with a design on one side and a solid color on the other are best). Cut the strips into 3-inch lengths, and notch one end of each. Use a small Japanese hole punch to make two holes, one above the other, in the other ends; you will thread a corsage pin through those two holes. Curl the paper between your fingers to shape it into a flag, and then insert the pin.

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