Chocolate Favors: Assorted Chocolates

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2004

There are chocolates to suit every wedding. Purists will appreciate familiar classic chocolates. Piping, color, or candy accents define decorated sweets; the swirls are made by painting layers of colored chocolate into a rounded mold. These modern-looking printed chocolates have perfectly flat patterns; despite their sleek appearance, they can be filled with nuts, caramel, toffee, or other fillings. Truffles (chocolate enriched with butter, cream, and flavorings such as liqueurs) may be topped with a simple dusting of cocoa or a lovely sugared flower petal.

Shiny foil wrappers (below) are like party clothes for chocolates; choose tones that coordinate with your wedding colors, or use a mix of foils. Playful three dimensional shapes are made by pouring melted chocolate into molds. There are so many variations, you can select an assortment to match the mood of your wedding -- consider a ''bouquet'' of different flowers at a garden reception; starfish and seashells for a beachside celebration (just be sure not to set a display of chocolate favors out in the sun); or a pairing of X's and O's to symbolize the sentiment of the day.

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