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Tutu Lampshade How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2010

To make these tulle lampshades, simply attach a child's tutu to a lampshade ring, and thread onto a bulb-and-socket cord, then hang from the ceiling.

How to Make It
Use a lampshade wire ring with a washer top as the frame for your lampshade. We used a 10-inch ring with a 1/2-inch recess; the support wires are raised above the ring itself.

We dipped the tutu in a basic pink or rose clothing dye to get a soft pink. Use Magna-Tac adhesive to glue the waistband of the tutu to the outside edge of the lampshade ring, and let dry.


To wire the lamp, use a wire-end socket (or a bare-bulb hanging socket with a cord), plus a replacement plug (we liked the snap-on version; see our link for examples of both types). You can purchase these electrical supplies at most hardware stores. Cut off the socket cord's original plug, and thread the raw end of the cord through the washer at the center of the lampshade ring; then attach the replacement plug. Slide the lampshade down to the socket. If the shade won't hang level, use electrical tape to wrap the lampshade ring to the socket itself. To hang the lamp, loop the cord through a hook on the ceiling, and use electrical tape to hold it in place. Or thread the cord through a chain, and use the chain to hang the light on a ceiling hook.


What You Need
lampshade ring
Tutus "Bando" tutus (dyed pink), by Leo's, from
Replacement lamp plugs, or
Plugs and cords

Comments (3)

  • daisy10345 14 Feb, 2012

    This is such a clever idea. I want to use this idea for kids rooms and I love that you can use any color for the tutus to personalize. Thank you! Love it!

  • SaraGress 29 Aug, 2010

    I'm inspired by this theme, and love the elegant decor. Would it be possible to post more images of this photoshoot? I am planning on recreating the table scape for my wedding.

  • EmmieGarland 28 Feb, 2010

    There are no instructions for creating the lamps or the table cloth. Help please!! Does anyone know how to do these projects and what colors of tulle were used? I checked the B