The Wonder of White: Memorable Decorations and Favors

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2007

Silvery garlands of satin ribbon festoon walls and the reception table. In the center of the table, a large footed vase filled with river rocks holds bejeweled branches; their beads were attached by hand.

Clever wrapping makes memorable favors. Clear cellophane adorned with slim silver paper and metallic cord holds marshmallows.

Silver cellophane wraps a box of white chocolates.

A snowy felt square tied with a patterned ribbon threaded through holes punched in the corners makes an envelope for scented soap.

Soft mohair fabric encloses a box containing Jordan almonds.

A silver paper star seals the parchment wrapping on a stack of cookies in a mini tart pan.

Metallic string secures a monogrammed tag and a tiny foil leaf to a transparent box filled with crystals of rock candy.


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