It's All About Warm and Cozy: Votive Holders

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2005

Flickering votive candles in glass holders cast amazing patterns and colors on white or ivory tablecloths.

1. A chic grouping of apple-green, orange, and dark-green holders by Rasmussen.

2. These holders by Barreveld have a printed design; the two at left are frosted and etched, and the one on the right has a Moroccan style.

3. Homart's holders are made of decorative glass: bubbles in the larger one make it rustic; the shorter one is scalloped and fluted.

4. Pink Moroccan-style candleholder by Medina.

5. Short holder with green-and-gold design by Biedermann and Sons.

6. A ribbed candleholder by Roost.

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