It's All About Warm and Cozy: Scented Candles

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2005

Set out scented candles in safe spots at the ceremony or cocktail hour, near the entrance or on a terrace (do not place near food; strong scents can overwhelm).

These Are Great for Winter
1. Demitasse by Fresh smells like coffee.

2. This pillar by Creative Candles has a warm, delicate scent.

3. A trio of clementine votive candles (front); the tall box contains a honey and nutmeg candle in a glass holder; both by Seda France.

4. Homart's gardenia and pear.

5. Earl Grey tea candle by Skeem.

6. Each monogrammed candle by Archipelago has a different scent; R" is rosemary and neroli.

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