Monograms: From Linen to Terry Cloth

Embroidered monograms can be customized, as well. Porthault linens in New York City can create a monogram based on one of hundreds of existing styles. Brides tend to go for white on white, which is also the most popular overall -- either hand-embroidered or machine-stitched. Special linen patterns often have their own complementary monogram design, with initials worked into delicate lacework or cutwork, or embroidered twelve inches in diameter and surrounded by flowers and cherubs. Just remember that whatever you choose, you're going to see a lot of it -- in the center of the return on your sheets (where the top sheet turns over), the center of the bedspread, at the open ends of American-style pillowcases, and at the top center of French-style ones.

If you've discovered antique linen hand towels already embroidered with one or all of your initials, consider having the monogram copied on your bath towels (above).

On dinner napkins (below), place your monogram either in the corner or dead center -- just make sure you fold accordingly.

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