Winter Wedding Details

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2001

When one of our television producers, Lenore Welby, announced her engagement, we knew she would have a December wedding because Christmas is her favorite time of year. In 2001, she joined Martha to share a few of the lovely, unfussy ideas she devised to make her wedding special. Each embraces the spirit of the season in its own memorable way.

Glittered Postcards
Vintage postcards give this craft a timeless quality.

Tools and Materials
Vintage postcards
Card stock
Double-sided tape
White craft glue
Hole punch
Silver cord
Small cellophane bags

Glittered Postcards How-To
1. Using a photocopier, copy the front and back of the vintage postcards onto card stock, reducing by 50 percent; make two copies of each card.

2. Cut out the cards. Use double-sided tape to adhere the front and back of the card to each other, facing out.

3. Trim excess card stock.

4. Use white craft glue in a narrow-tip bottle to highlight selected details of the print, and dust with fine glitter.

5. Punch a hole in the top of the card, and thread a narrow silver cord through to hang.

6. Enclose the favors in cellophane bags (this will make it easier for revelers to transport them home).

Jingle-Bell Send-Off
Make your send-off unforgettable with jingle bells.

Tools and Materials
Standard letter-size paper
Brown card stock
Double-sided tape
Hole punch
Small bells
Baker's twine
Satin ribbon

Jingle-Bell Send-Off How-To
1. On a laser or ink-jet printer, print notes reading "Jingle All the Way," 14 on each page.

2. Cut out notes, and affix each to appropriate-size pieces of brown card stock with double-sided tape.

3. Punch a hole in each note, and tie it to a bell with baker's twine.

4. Add a 1/4-inch satin ribbon bow.

5. Distribute to guests for tossing in lieu of rice.

Tools and materials are available on Small cellophane bags can be found on


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