Wedding Day Ideas

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2008

Darcy Miller, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, shares inspiring ways to personalize your special day using favor boxes and creative photo ideas. For more beautiful wedding ideas, visit Darcy's Wedding Idea of the Day, which will give you inspiration every day!

Favor Box Resources
Birds' nest on Wedgewood China:
Pink boxes on cake stand:
Mini pillow boxes with blue burlap:
Gumballs in boxes:
"Enjoy" vine patterned cones: Pantry Press, 800-511-4767

Photo Resources
Photo section cake picture made on HP photosmart paper
Tie-the-knot flip book:
Chocolates and cookies with photos on them: Chocolate graphics, 866-323-0745;; Eleni's Cookies; (mini kisses)
Accordion double-sided centerpiece:
Playing cards: Kodak Gallery
Stickers, confetti:,

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Kodak Gallery, Eleni's Cookies, and Martha Stewart Weddings for giving playing cards, cookies, and the magazine to the studio audience.


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