Just Married How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2009

Download our PDF and print onto card stock or heavy paper.

One page of the template has only small lines inside the rectangles; these indicate where the slits for the ribbons should be cut. Lay this page on top of the pages with the letters. Carefully align the corners, and wrap tape around opposite corners to keep the levels from shifting.

Use a craft knife and a metal straightedge to cut slits through all layers at the small marks.

Then use the craft knife and straightedge to cut between the crop marks; do not cut all the way to the edge of the paper, in order to keep the crop marks intact for subsequent cuts.

Thread a 6-millimeter ribbon through the slits to string the banner, bringing the ribbon up from the back and then back down again.

6-millimeter taffeta ribbon (No. 4685, color 57), Mokuba New York, 212-869-8900


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