Blooming Place Cards How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings

Step 1: Begin with a perfect 3-inch square (to make large numbers of them, use a paper cutter); use a bone folder to crease all folds.

Fold in half horizontally, then open paper and fold in half vertically. Open up the paper, and fold in half diagonally top to bottom; open up paper again, and fold diagonally side to side. This will result in a starburst pattern of folds.

Step 2: Refold to create a large triangle with its center point facing you. Begin with the right side of the triangle, and bring the far-right point down to meet the bottom point, forming a diamond. Flip paper over, and repeat on the back side.

Step 3: Turn the resulting diamond so that the folded point is at the bottom and the open point is at the top. Fold in the top layer of each side point to meet the center fold. Flip over, and repeat on the back.

Step 4: Unfold one of the side points, and reverse the folds to tuck it inside. Repeat with the remaining three side points.

Step 5: With the shape still folded, cut off the tips of the points at the open end of the blossom, cutting through all layers and making a curved edge.

Step 6: Open the shape, and crease all the sides again; pinch blossom into shape.

Step 7: For each leaf, cut out the leaf shape freehand from a 1 1/2-by-3-inch rectangle; crease down the center, curving the crease with your fingers to sculpt the center vein. Use craft glue or an adhesive dot to attach leaves and blossom.


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