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The Timeless Traditions

How to honor cherished wedding rituals? For a truly personal celebration, adapt them as you please, in a style that feels natural and meaningful to you.

Cutting The Cake
Dessert is a high point of any party, but at a wedding, it literally takes the cake. This is the most iconic moment in the reception, and a guest favorite. The couple and the cake often take center stage after the dinner plates are cleared. The bride places her hand on the knife, and the groom places his hand over hers. They cut a slice and feed each other -- a gesture symbolic of their promise to always provide for one another -- with plenty of encouragement from guests.

Breaking Tradition
These days, many couples offer a dessert buffet instead of cake, with an array of pastries and bite-size sweets; or they may create a cake like arrangement of frosted cupcakes on tiers. It can be hard to cut such small confections gracefully, so offer your partner a bite of a whole one. Don't worry about making a mess-- some say the amount of frosting you leave on each other's lips is an indication of how sweet your married life will be.

Tossing the Bouquet
Throwing Rice
Wearing a Veil
Decorating the Car
Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
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