Button Cuff

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2002

This bejeweled bouquet gets its shimmer from layers of mother-of-pearl buttons. Pearl pins give a soft glow to bunches of gardenias and stephanotis, which are tied beneath the cuff with an ivory bow.

Tools and Materials
Fusible webbing
White wool felt
Hot-glue gun
Mother-of-pearl buttons
Pearl corsage pins
3-inch-wide ivory double-face satin ribbon

Button Cuff How-To
Slide a 9-inch circle of fusible webbing between two 9-inch felt circles; iron together. (If you have heavy buttons, glue both felt rounds to either side of a 9-inch circle of cardboard, so the cuff will be able to support the buttons' weight.)

Cut a wedge out of cuff that measures 2 inches at the outer edge of the circle and 4 1/2 inches on either side. To make opening for bouquet, cut an X in the center of the circle, making each of its four legs 1 1/4 inches long.

Hot-glue sides of wedge opening together, stopping 1 1/4 inches from center. Hot-glue buttons around edge of cuff, to 2 inches in, making sure no felt can be seen. Have your florist use stephanotis stems with pearl corsage pins when making the bouquet. Slide the bouquet into the cuff, and tie the stems of the bouquet with ivory satin ribbon.


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