Beeswax Covered Vase How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2009

Wax-wrapped votives and vases cast a golden glow onto bursting arrangements of field flowers.

Beeswax can be purchased in honeycombed sheets that will wrap nicely around any straight-sided glass container, such as a cylinder vase or a votive candleholder. 

To cut the sheets, lay them flat on a cutting surface. Lay a straightedge over the wax sheet and press lightly (pressing firmly may flatten the honeycombs). 

Use a rotary tool or a craft knife to cut along the straightedge. Cut the wax sheets into pieces long enough to wrap around the vase or candleholder and overlap by 3/4 inch.


You can cut the top edge to be perfectly smooth and lie exactly along the top of the container (a good tactic for vases, since flower stems will slide in and out easily), or you can tear the top edge by hand to get a jagged look (which looks nice extending beyond the top edge of a candleholder). 

To tear the wax, lay the sheet flat, and lay the straightedge over it as a rough guide. Then use the fingers of both hands to create a short rip right at the edge, to start the tear. Continue to tear across the sheet, following the straight edge to keep from getting too angled a tear. 

Wrap the wax sheet smoothly around the container, and press the layers together where they overlap, pinching them together at the top and bottom edge. 

If the sheets don't stick together well, use double-sided tape to secure them to the glass. 

For the rough-edged sheets, bend the wax sheet outward a little just above the glass.

Wax sheets, Tommy & Friends



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