Using Rubber Stamps: Programs

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2001

Guests will enjoy following the wedding ceremony with the help of handmade programs. Create the covers using paper (we used 17-by-22-inch wooden sheets). Measure the rectangles first, and practice on any extra, so you don't waste paper. Stamp before you cut, using the same inking techniques used for the invitation. Allow the ink to dry completely, then cut out with a utility knife. Score the paper at the spine, then fold. The pages for this program were printed by a computer on off-white card stock; red twine was wrapped around the spine and knotted at the bottom to tie each booklet. Stamped wooden paper can also be used to make gift tags for the wedding party. Cut the tags out using the method above, and at one end punch a hole large enough for a ribbon to pass through. Stamp with your message, allow the paper to dry, and attach to the package with a ribbon.

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