White-Felt Cuff

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2002

How do you make something so charming? With a hole punch and white wool felt. Then add yellow garden roses and sweet-smelling narcissi, and tie with a big white bow.

Tools and Materials
Fusible webbing
White wool felt
Kraft paper
Fabric marker
Japanese hole punch
Hot-glue gun
2 3/4-inch-wide white double-face satin ribbon

White-Felt Cuff How-To
Slide a 9-inch circle of fusible webbing between two 9-inch felt circles; iron together.

Enlarge scalloped template, and trace shape onto kraft paper; cut out. Center paper on felt circle; trace shape on felt with fabric marker. Cut out along outline.

Use hole punch to make holes lining the cuff's edge. Each scallop has 9 holes along its edge: 1 medium-size hole surrounded by 8 smaller holes. Holes should be 1/4 inch from cuff's edge and 1/8 inch apart.

Cut a wedge the size of one scallop and remove from the cuff as shown. To make the opening for the bouquet, cut an X in the center, making each of its four legs 1 1/4 inches long.

Hot-glue together the sides of the wedge opening, stopping 1 1/4 inches from the center. Slide the stems of the bouquet into the cuff; tie ribbon tightly around flower stems and base of cuff.


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