Using Rubber Stamps: Invitations

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2001

Whether playful or simply informational, your invitations will be the way you encourage family and friends to join you on your special day, so you'll want them to give guests their first taste of your wedding's tone. Stamps in any size can be used to create invitations. But keep in mind that the larger the stamp, the greater the difficulty in making each imprint clear. To get the best possible image, ink the stamp by turning the pad upside down and pressing it against the stamp, lifting and applying ink to several segments to ensure even coverage. To prevent smudges, remove cotton swab. A special T-square (available at specialty craft stores) helps align the stamp on the card. Press firmly, and avoid rocking the stamp back and forth. Before working on the final version, practice on scrap paper. Have stamps made for the reply cards and envelopes as well.

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