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Carnation Wreath

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The humble carnation, a symbol of marital bliss and fertility, is a flower that is often overlooked at weddings. Martha Stewart Living Weddings editor Darcy Miller massed together these inexpensive and hardy flowers by the dozen, with fewer, more precious, blooms of sweet peas and phlox to create a striking wreath -- a wonderful adornment for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Tools and Materials

  • 18-inch oasis wreath form
  • 10 bunches of carnation (25 flowers in a bunch)
  • White sweet peas, phlox, or any white flower to add texture
  • Wide satin ribbon

Carnation Wreath How-To
1. Soak the wreath form for a few minutes until saturated.

2. Trim the carnation stems to 1 inch. Poke flower stems into the wreath form, continue adding flowers until form is filled. Tuck a few blooms of sweet peas or phlox around the ring, distributing them evenly.

3. Tie a length of wide satin ribbon in a simple knot at the bottom of the wreath.

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