Wedding Table

Martha Stewart Living Television

Oftentimes when their wedding reception is to be held in a large, open hall, the tendency for many an anxious couple is to try and fill as much of the space as possible. But, as designer Antony Todd and weddings editor Darcy Miller explain, you can make a simple, elegant, and effective statement by concentrating on a well-set table rather than trying to disguise the space itself. For a photo shoot at Martha Stewart Living's Starrett-Lehigh offices, which feature a large open space with high ceilings in the center, Antony erected two ten-foot-tall fabric folding screens before the head of a long table. The screens acted as a gateway, and upon walking through, the "guests" were greeted by colored votive candles that seemed to float on a piece of mirrored Lucite that covered the entire table. Antony made use of ordinary white canvas to create slipcovers for the rented chairs and a tablecloth, which rested under the Lucite. At one end of the table there were strings of small, dangling mirrors, and at the opposite end were a clear Lucite tray filled with flower petals and large sheets of paper on which guests could sign their names.


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