Rubber Stamps

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From embellishing cocktail napkins to adorning favor boxes, rubber stamps offer a myriad of ways to personalize a wedding.

Wrapping Paper
Enclose gifts for your wedding party or favors for your guests in handmade wrapping paper covered in impressions made with a square rubber stamp. For a uniform pattern, stamp a large sheet of paper repeatedly with the same stamp, leaving a small space between each impression. Or stamp just the center of a piece of wrapping paper. If your box and stamp are the same size, you can just stamp the top. If the box is larger than the stamp, the pattern can trail down the sides. A stamp rolling pin also makes an attractive pattern.

Confetti Bags
Playful polka-dot bags will hold confetti until guests are ready to shower the newlyweds with it. Decorate premade fabric bags with ink from a circular pad for perfectly round impressions. Slip a piece of card stock into the bag to prevent the ink from bleeding through (and remember, fabric needs more drying time than paper).

Cocktail Napkins
Dress up simple cocktail napkins with romantic old song titles or favorite lines of poetry. Use a ruler as guide for straight impressions.

Favor Boxes
To create matching tokens for everyone at the wedding, dress up gift boxes and fill them with favors. Stamp 1/2-inch quill paper repeatedly with your wedding date, and use the paper for wrapping the box. To wrap the box, tape the left end of a paper strip to the inside of the box's right side. Place the lid on top, and wrap paper around the box, moving it under and then across the lid. To fasten on the right side, tuck paper under lid. Trim the paper, leaving a 1/2-inch tail.


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