Valentine Wedding Table Setting

Martha Stewart Living Television

As an alternative to a long table at which the bride, groom, and the entire wedding party sit, consider seating the bride and groom together at an intimate table for two. As Lynn Butler-Beling, senior editor of Martha Stewart Weddings explains, if you decide to use a smaller table, there are a number of charming ways to decorate it for the occasion; she shares ideas for a romantic wedding table befitting a Valentine's Day affair.

One idea is to wrap votive candles in vellum paper that matches the wedding's color palette. You can set out a candy box filled with chocolates and stamped with the couple's initials (or wrap it in a ribbon printed with a message such as "love"), a disposable camera to take snapshots, and chocolates in the shape of their initials.

You might also consider using Japanese tissue paper to hold a small amount of candy or nuts: Cut the paper into a square measuring 8 by 8 1/2 inches. Place the candy or nuts in the center, bring the edges together, and fold. Tie the ends with a hemp or waxed twine, and wrap the bundle around the middle with a 1-by-11-inch strip of colored paper. Stamp the colored paper with the couple's names or initials (you can have a stamp custom made at a stationery-supply store), and secure it with double-sided tape.

Finally, you can fold the napkins in an attractive and unusual way to display a menu card: Lay a 20-inch-square napkin flat and fold it in half, bringing the bottom half up to the top so the fold faces you. Fold the folded edge about 2 inches upward to create a pocket, and fold the right side back, tucking it underneath itself and creating a smooth edge. Insert the menu card into the pocket.


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