Aqua and Red: Peekaboo Favors How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2006

To create the window in the coin envelope, you will need an oval craft punch and a rubber stamp with frame design that matches the size of the opening (if you want to use a different punch than ours, you may need to have a stamp custom-made at an office-supply store), plus ink pads.

1. Lay envelope so opening is closest to you. Stamp frame onto envelope; edge of image should be about 1 inch from crease. Line up punch with center of frame -- to see positioning, turn punch so its underside is facing you, then line up frame with hole; press punch through both layers of envelope.

2. Fill a cellophane bag with jelly beans; fold down top, and seal with double-sided tape. Slide into envelope, and seal. Punch two small holes at opposite end of envelope; thread ribbon through, and knot.

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