Plate Garnish

Martha Stewart Living Television

Careful attention to detail can turn a wedding into a truly memorable event, regardless of whether it's a lavish celebration or a simple, at-home affair. The cake plates are a perfect opportunity to put this principle into practice; the following garnish ideas add a singular touch to each serving.

Try placing small scoops of pastel sorbet on top of a nasturtium leaf or arranging a few caramelized cherries around the edge of the plates. Dip the cherries or another fruit, such as New Zealand gooseberries, into hot sugar syrup; place the fruit onto a Silpat baking sheet or some aluminum foil, and allow to harden.

Another idea is to shower some edible flower confetti -- a few calendula petals, for example -- around the plate, or cluster red currants and black raspberries. Decorate the plate in any number of patterns and designs by melting brown or white chocolate, mixing it with a few drops of oil, and applying with a cornet.


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