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Red and Aqua Guest Book How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2006

Bookcloth Guest Book
Measure width of book's cover and subtract 1/2 inch; measure height and add 1 inch; cut bookcloth to size. Place bookcloth so there is a half-inch overhang at top, bottom, and right edge. Wrap edges over cover, using a bone folder to make sharp creases; affix with double-sided tape to inside cover (so bookcloth lies flat against inside cover, miter at corners). Repeat for back cover. Write names and date on store-bought label and center it near top of book cover.

Paper-Covered Guest Book
Cut a sheet of decorative paper so that it is even with the height of the book and long enough to wrap around the closed book with a 1/2-inch overhang on each end. Fold the ends over the edges of the front and back covers, using a bone folder to make sharp creases. Secure to the insides of covers with double-sided tape. Stamp the bride's and groom's first initials on the cover in red ink. We used 1-inch-wide double-face satin ribbon for a bookmark; cut the ends of ribbon on a diagonal for a finished look, and slip in between the pages.

Guest Book with Button Band
For our band, we used a cashmere-and-wool felt. Cut a strip of felt long enough to wrap around the book and overlap by 3 inches or so (ours is 3 inches wide, about one-third the height of the cover). Cut one end to be rounded; wrap felt around book. Position button on top of felt, approximately 1 inch in from edge of book; holding button in place, carefully slide band off book. Sew on button through both layers of felt. Slide band onto book.

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