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Ribbon Belt Place Card

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2009
  1. Print template onto white card stock.
  2. Cut at crop marks using a metal straight edge and a craft knife (don't cut all the way to the paper's edges; this will leave the crop marks intact for each subsequent cut). Write or calligraph guests' names on cards. (If you want to print them using a desktop publishing program or Microsoft Word, import the full-size PDF into your document as an image, and layer text boxes over it. Then print out, and cut into cards.)

For Each Place Card

  1. To cut the slits for the ribbon "belt," first measure the ribbon's width (we used a ribbon that was 36 mm or 1 7/16" wide). Use a craft knife and a metal straight edge to cut slits at the ends of the card about 3/8" in from the colored border; the slits should be only slightly wider than the ribbon itself. (Use the tip of the craft knife to make small indentations to mark the beginning and end of each slit, if you are uncomfortable cutting it freehand.)
  2. Cut the ribbon into a 12" length. To notch the tails, pinch each end of ribbon in half, and cut at an angle to make a deep V. Slide the ribbon ends through the slits in the card from the back, and adjust the spacing. (Use a spare napkin the same size as your dinner napkins to estimate the positioning of the card.) Fold the ends of the ribbon back away from the card, and finger-press along the fold. If the ribbon doesn't lie flat, use double-sided tape under each tail to secure.
  3. Slide the practice napkin out from the middle, and make the rest of the napkin "belts" following your first sample.
  4. To slide the "belts" into place just before your wedding, bend the folded napkin slightly along the middle, and slip it into the ribbon loop, then flatten it back out. 

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