Seating Cards

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Your guests will gather at your wedding reception with lots of anticipation; there's the promise of food, cocktails, music, and an especially pleasant time. Consider using one of these creative ideas to lead your guests to their seats in a way that heralds the events you've so carefully planned.

Wreath Place Cards
Tools and Materials
Leaf Template
Glue stick
22-gauge cloth-wrapped floral wire
24-inch boxwood wreath
Decorative paper edgers
Sturdy paper

Wreath Place Cards How-To
Download and print the Leaf Template, and trace the shape onto a piece of sturdy paper. Cut the shape out using the decorative edger, and write the guest's name and table assignment. Lay the wire on the leaf, and using the glue stick, glue a small paper tab over the wire. Insert the wire into the boxwood wreath.

Carnation Place Cards
Tools and Materials
Floral foam
Plastic flower-box trays

Carnation Place Cards How-To
Cut several bricks of the floral foam in half horizontally. Soak them in water, and place in the plastic trays. Snip off the carnation heads, leaving a bit of stem on each one. Insert the stem into the foam, and lay the seating cards on top.

Gift Box Place Cards
Tools and Materials
Gift boxes
Favors of your choice
Adhesive-backed paper
Decorative wrapping paper

Gift Box Place Cards How-To
Place soaps, truffles, or any favor you choose into each box, and wrap in the decorative paper. Print each guest's name onto the adhesive-backed paper, cut out, and affix to the top of the box. Arrange the boxes on a silver tray or an entryway table.

Silk Cosmos Place Cards
Tools and Materials
Silk cosmos flowers
Waxed twine
Decorative edgers
Hole punch

Silk Cosmos Place Cards How-To
Print the cards with each guest's name and table. Cut them out with the decorative edgers, and punch a hole in each one. Tie the cards to the stem of the cosmos flowers with waxed twine.

Map Seating Chart
Tools and Materials
Map of the room, with table numbers and guest names
Foam board
Spray mount
Grosgrain ribbon

Map Seating Chart How-To
Create a map of the room with all pertinent information; there are a number of computer design programs that will enable you to do this. Have a copy shop enlarge the map to poster size, and mount it on a foam board with the adhesive spray. Edge the map with the grosgrain ribbon. You might consider placing several maps around the room to avoid "bottlenecking" at a single point in the reception area.


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