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Watercolor Wrapping Paper and Place Card Clip Art

Watercolor Faver Box How-To

This wrapping-paper clip art creates a sleeve to wrap around a pink jewelry box that measures 3 inches across by 2 1/8 inches deep by 1 inch high. Get the box at and remove the cotton inside.

  1. Download the PDF in pink, orange, or yellow and print it onto letter-size paper. Score across the strips at the dotted tick marks, using a straightedge to guide the line.
  2. Then use a craft knife and metal straightedge to cut the paper between the solid crop marks (don't cut all the way to the edges of the paper; this will leave the crop marks intact for subsequent cuts).
  3. Have the guests' names written in the section that will be on top of the boxes. Wrap the strips around the boxes, and secure with tape on the undersides.

Watercolor Place Cards How-To

  1. For the watercolor place cards, download our PDF below in your choice of pink, orange, or yellow. and print it out on letter-size card stock or stiff paper.
  2. Use a metal straightedge to guide a bone folder as you score down the center of the paper, aligning the straightedge with the dotted tick marks at top and bottom. Cut at the solid crop marks using a metal straightedge and a craft knife to create individual cards (don't cut all the way to the paper's edges; this will leave the crop marks intact for each subsequent cut).
  3. Fold the cards along the scored center line.

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