See-Through Seating Cards

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 37 2006

Leaning on an easel or hanging on a wall, a framed display of eyelet-inspired seating cards is charming (make as many as you need). The cards are cut from card stock and embellished with easy-to-find craft supplies -- a rotary cutter with scallop and zigzag blades, and decorative punches. For edging, cut four lengths of trim to match foam-board backing plus 1/4 inch; at corners, cut 45-degree angles, and stitch together with 1/8-inch seam allowance. Cover board with cotton faille; tape to back. With fabric glue, secure trim to board at outside edge; slip in frame with glass removed.

Tools and Materials
Japanese screw punch
Utility knife
Flower craft punch
Glue stick
Card stock
Rotary cutter with scalloping and pinking blades
Cutting mat

Seating Card How-To
1. Stack four sheets of 3 1/2-by-11-inch card stock face down, and staple close to the edge at one end to keep the stack from shifting. Use ruler and pencil to lightly mark horizontal cutting lines at 11/2-inch intervals. Next, mark a vertical line along one edge (5/16 inch in), where holes for the eyelet cutouts will go.

2. With a rotary cutter fitted with a scalloping or pinking blade, trim off edge of card stock, cutting through all layers. Using the Japanese screw punch, embellish edge with holes along marked vertical line. We used round punches in different sizes and a diamond-border punch to create the various looks.

3. Write guests' names on cards (or have calligraphed). With a utility knife, cut out cards along horizontal lines.

4. To create stands for seating cards, punch flower shapes from card stock. Bend back one petal, and affix to back of card with glue stick.


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