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Garlands and Wreath

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2006

Guests will be enchanted with a pale-blue wedding cake draped in garlands of tiny leaves and delicate paper bows. A matching wreath topper symbolizes the eternal nature of marriage. The cake sits on a pedestal stand decorated with layers of scalloped tissue; sheets of tissue covering the table pick up the greens of the garlands.

Leather-stamping tools were used to press leaf shapes in the fondant for an embossed effect.

Cake by Wendy Kromer Confections, Sandusky, Ohio

How to Make the Paper Cake Decorations

You will need leaf craft punches, tissue paper, plain paper (for stiffener), 32-gauge white-cloth-covered floral wire, rotary cutter or scissors, nontoxic white craft glue, tweezers, decorative craft shears, pins, and double-sided tape.

Stack three layers of tissue (in three hues of green) on plain paper; punch leaf shapes through all layers. Discard plain-paper leaves.

For wreath, bend floral wire into circle. Make two arcs with "legs" as shown; affix by wrapping with more wire. For garlands, shape wire into arcs; sharply bend ends into hooks for inserting into cake.

Dab wire with glue, and place leaves with tweezers; let dry. Cover one side of garlands and both sides of wreath.

For each bow, cut three 4-by-1/4-inch tissue strips. Fold ends of one strip to center; glue, and let dry; twist at center. Fold another strip into a V for tails; fold last piece in half and trim as shown. Glue V and last piece to back of bow; wrap around center and glue to back; trim excess. Pin to cake. (The caterer must remove pins and wires before serving.)

For cake stand, accordion-fold 2 1/2-inch-wide strips of tissue. Cut scallops through all layers (vary scissors styles and height of scallop). Unfold, stack, and attach with double-sided tape.

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