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Chocolate Cakes and Sweets

Martha Stewart Weddings, Volume 34 2005

Brides don't always wear white, and neither do their cakes. Celebrate instead with a choice of stunning chocolate confections: perhaps a mahogany-hued cheesecake, resplendent in all its bittersweet glory; a buffet laden with jewel-like chocolaty treats; or a many-tiered devil's food cake, hidden beneath mounds of fluffy Italian meringue. All of these treats are as graceful and elegant as they are delectable, and are sure to bring out the chocolate lover in all your guests.

Marble Masterpiece
White-chocolate fondant encases a grand cake wrapped in dramatic silk moire ribbons. The marbling was fashioned with plastic transfer sheets, as were the candy favors.


Mini Cupcake Tower 
Miniature chocolate and vanilla cupcakes surround white-fondant tiers speckled with piped Swiss dots. Brown-and-pink-hued paper flags wave from piped icing swirls; the flags on the cupcake at the top are calligraphed with the newlyweds' names.


 Chocolate Bar
A selection of diminutive chocolate desserts can be served alongside a wedding cake. Clear cake stands and trays trimmed in gold ribbon showcase the rich dark and white chocolate.


Chocolate Martinis
Martinis add a glamorous note to any party; these are made with chocolate liqueur and vodka, and accompanied by elegant chocolate straws. Striped white-and-dark-chocolate shells, filled with mocha mousse, sit in a tiny pool of chocolate sauce. (Candy straws and shells from Gourmet Foods Direct.)


Candy Sampler
 A chocolate sampler inspired this cake. Striped and solid ribbons trim the board; the cake itself mimics a pastry box with its bands of tempered white chocolate piped with royal icing. Hand-molded truffles by Christopher Norman Chocolates line the tiers.


Tiny Brownie Treats
Stacked mini brownie cakes can replace a wedding cake or be part of the dessert buffet. Set on mismatched china, they are decorated with royal icing, sanding sugar, grated coconut, and confectioners' sugar. Inside-out cupcake liners serve as doilies.


Devil's Food Finale
 Swooping swirls of Italian meringue cover up a rich, devil's food cake. Slices are served wtih a creamy semisweet-chocolate sauce.

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