Pastel Cakes and Confections

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring

It's a given that sweet-as-syrup colors marry well with equally sweet treats such as fondant-covered petits fours, feather-light sugar wafers, and wondrously decorated wedding cakes. What might surprise you is how sophisticated -- and fresh -- this classic palette can be. The cakes here combine baby-soft hues with clean shapes and anything-but-cliched patterns so that the effect is more Court of Versailles than kiddies' playroom. And the dainty confections they're shown with -- fluffy pink marshmallows, heaps of chubby pillow mints -- add just the right playful touch. Although inspired by springtime, these desserts are appropriate for weddings held in other seasons, too. Spend some time browsing our desserts, and you'll begin to think any other choice simply pales in comparison.

Pretty Pleats
Something Blue
Special Delivery
A Different Stripe
The French Confection


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