Dessert Buffets

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2004

A slice of wedding cake concludes your special day on a deliciously festive note. But if you love desserts, why stop there? Indulge your fantasies and have a dessert buffet.

Whether they are a dazzling part of an elaborate wedding or the centerpiece of a sweets only reception, the sugary delights can range from simple to sophisticated. Organizing the buffet around a theme, as we have here, will help narrow the choices of what to include as well as create a unified look.

While many of the desserts can be catered pastries and baked goods, part of the fun is rounding out the selection with store-bought morsels such as truffles, cordials, and lollipops. For mouth-watering presentations, set the table with both grand confections and hors d'oeuvre-size goodies; guests will surely love sampling from such a tempting display. And of course, you can still serve that stunning wedding cake. In fact, with a dessert buffet you can even have more than one -- that's the joy of it.

Chocolate and Cream
Carnival Stand
Homespun Sweets


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