Wedding Cake Alternatives

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2010

If you don't love wedding cakes, why serve one at your reception? Nowadays, wedding desserts can come in any form -- icy (granita station, anyone?), creamy (ice cream sundaes for all!), even flaky (how about a pie bar?). Or maybe order up some gourmet Bundt cakes. Other sweet ideas that don't fit the wedding-cake mold: fruit tarts, eclairs, cookies, and sponge cakes. Offer a selection of one type of treat or a spread of all different kinds. Either way, your sweet tooth will be satiated. 

Here are some of our favorite bakeries across the country. 

San Francisco: Miette 
Los Angeles: Sweet Lady Jane 
Chicago: Vanille Patisserie 
Dallas: Celebrity Bakery 
New York: Sweet Melissa Patisserie


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