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Dessert Buffets: Chocolate and Cream

Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2004

Ideal for a black-tie affair, this buffet has a modern aesthetic, with a palette of dark-chocolate and cream hues set off by a field of blue. Two cakes bookend the table: the more chocolaty groom's cake towers on the left, balanced by the contrasting wedding cake on the right. Between them, sweets are arranged at different heights on modular wood and Styrofoam stands wrapped with ribbon and covered with paper and Plexiglass.

Dessert Menu
White-Chocolate Semifreddo Brownie Squares
Individual Chocolate Espresso Cakes
Meringue Kisses
Chocolate Cream Puffs
Marbleized Chocolate Truffle Tartlets
Malted Dark-Chocolate Cakes
Coconut Cake
Cocoa Shortbread Diamonds
Chocolate-Cookie Cheesecake Cups
Chocolate Roulade with White-Chocolate
Mousse and Fudge Frosting
Assorted Purchased Chocolates

A strict color scheme still leaves plenty of room for delicious options. The desserts incorporate dark chocolate and coffee, as well as vanilla, cream, white chocolate, coconut, meringue, and cream cheese.

Store-bought candies with piped white patterns fit in gracefully with the decorative theme, as do stark-white meringue kisses whose bottoms are dipped in dark chocolate, marbleized chocolate-truffle tartlets, and chocolate cream puffs filled with whipped-cream centers.

The small cakes -- two are made with malted dark chocolate, one with coconut -- can be sliced into thin pieces when the larger cakes are cut by the caterer.

Tiny chocolate cups with a cheesecake filling, diamond-shaped shortbread cookies, and purchased cone-shaped chocolates provide heavenly little bites.

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