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Newlyweds' Midnight Snack

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Most brides and grooms find that their wedding days become whirlwinds of excitement and activity. In fact, many couples are hardly able to sit down to enjoy the catered meals they planned so carefully. But you can surprise them with a box of luxurious snacks they can enjoy when they arrive at their hotel, exhausted, exhilarated, and famished. Ask the hotel or inn staff to refrigerate the box until just before their arrival.

Pack an exotic assortment of favorite treats -- a tin of caviar with mother-of-pearl spoons, chocolate truffles, and succulent grapes -- in an attractive wooden box that will withstand refrigeration. A cold pack will guard against spoilage. You might also include a chilled bottle of champagne and two flutes to make it even more special.

Tools and Materials

  • Colored card stock
  • Cold pack
  • Wooden box with a lid1 cloth dinner napkin
  • Assorted snacks, such as a tin of caviar (with a caviar spoon), toasts, cheese straws, cookies, chocolate truffles, champagne grapes, or other fruit
  • Paper candy and muffin cups
  • Parchment paper or glassine
  • Ribbon, twine, or cording
  • 2 cloth cocktail napkins
  • Adhesive label or tape
  • White glue or a hot-glue gun

Newlyweds' Midnight Snack How-To
1. Make a label for the bride and groom on piece of colored card stock; design it on a computer or write it by hand.

2. Place a cold pack in the bottom of the box, and cover it with a dinner napkin. Allow it to drape over the sides.

3. Put loose snacks, such as cookies, chocolate truffles, and fruit, in the paper candy and muffin cups. Bundle snacks in glassine; secure with twine. Roll the two cocktail napkins, and tie with twine or tape.

4. First place caviar on top of the cold pack, then arrange the other snacks around the tin. Fold the napkin over the contents, and secure with adhesive label or tape.

5. Lay a 1-yard-length of ribbon across the center of the lid widthwise; leave about 10 inches on one side and the remainder hanging off the other side. Glue ribbon down in a few places. Place label in the center of the box lid, over the ribbon, and glue in place. Allow glue to dry.

6. Place lid on box. Bring ribbon underneath the box, and tie in a bow on one side (the bow will be on the front side of the box rather than the top). Keep refrigerated until the bride and groom arrive.

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