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Ask Martha and Darcy

The Martha Stewart Show

Martha and the editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, Darcy Miller, answer questions from audience members enjoying a live taping of "The Martha Stewart Show."

Questions from brides-to-be include:
"I just got engaged -- what should I do first?"
"How many places should I register?"
"Do I have to invite my friends with a date?"
"How do I bring color into a wedding?"


Comments (15)

  • vr6jettababe 3 May, 2010

    I am getting married in Florida, my fiance is from Mexico, and we are going to have a reception for our friends to attend back home in Colorado after the wedding. His family is coming to the wedding, and mine will be at our wedding and reception for friends. How do we word the invitations for the reception back home since only my parents will be in attendence and we will already be married?

  • delainakd 2 Jul, 2009

    Q #1: I have had 5 rsvps with guests added! The invite did not have "and guest". How do I respond?
    Q #2: My fiances sister is his best woman. She is wearing a dress, but something I think is VERY casual, but she's happy with it. Do I need to let it go or can I make her wear something more suitable?

  • Greenbride71 26 Oct, 2008

    What is the earliest etiquette-wise I can send out the invitations for my wedding? I am getting married in June and my parents are pushing for me to send out the invitations in the next week or two. Is this too early etiquette wise?

  • pamela356 3 Oct, 2008

    we have sent out 75 wedding invitations and have only recieved maybe 20 rsvp's the last day to reply is oct.4.we need a minimum of 100 we call or email the ones that haven't replied or just let it go?

  • sdb4477 20 Sep, 2008

    Since you can't invite the whole world to your wedding, what is the proper way to let people know you're getting married, even if they're not invited? (Like old friends from high school who you want to know about it, but you just can't invite them to come because there would be too many people). I don't want to be rude or have people mistake it for an invitation...

  • biknic 5 Sep, 2008

    I am desperately seeking help!!!! My oldest daughter is having her wedding reception at our house (the parents) in our backyard. The backyard is beautiful and it is a great location to have the reception. But there is one youngest daughter has a swing set right in the middle of the yard and it can't be moved because the poles are set in concrete. Any suggestions on how we can decorate the swing set without it being such an "eye-sore" for the wedding guests????????

  • babyhett 2 Sep, 2008

    I am planning a bridal shower for my neice. This will be her 3rd shower. Her mother-in-law to be is having one as well as an aunt on the other side of the family. Should these people (mother-in-law and other aunt) be invited to my shower as well. Bride says yes and I say no. She also has many people on the guest list that have been invited to the other showers. Shouldn't each person only be invited to one shower?

  • Maribel06 8 Aug, 2008

    Question? I will be traveling from Philadelphia to Las Vegas for a co-worker's wedding. What is an appropriate gift. This is the second marriage for both of them and they will be moving to the east coast to set up home.

  • weddingwows 30 Jul, 2008

    My fiance and I are getting married in 6 months. My brother just advised that he is getting married before us. I am furious. How much time should seperate sibling weddings? What is the etiquette? He said that he is going inviting immediate family members. Does this matter?

  • mrskak 10 Jul, 2008

    I am getting married in August. I just got my first gift. opened it and sent a thank you note. My parent said that I am to wait til my wedding/after to open gifts, are they right?

  • lazmud 16 Jun, 2008

    my wedding is in September of 2008 and I am getting ready to address the envelopes, can I print them from the computer or do I have to hand write them in cursive?

  • lazmud 16 Jun, 2008

    my wedding is in September of 2008 and I am getting ready to address the envelopes, can I print them from the computer or do I have to hand write them in cursive?

  • sunnyinseattle 24 Mar, 2008

    Neither of our families are inclined to hit the dance floor and neither are our friends unless they've had one too many a drink. Can we opt for a dinner-only reception but still have our first dance after we are announced?

  • MrsDiaz 3 Feb, 2008

    To Betsy - Congratulations on your engagement! I don't know whether you've found an answer to all of your questions, but I have a couple of ideas. One is to consider a cocktail reception, rather than a full dinner, to be able to stretch the budget and invite more people. On the other hand, a small, intimate wedding can be very, very special. I would not invite people to the shower unless they are also invited to the wedding.

  • betsykervin 23 Jan, 2008

    Since my wedding budget is very small, I can only invite a small number of guests. I wish I had more funds to invite additional friends and extended family. Some of my girlfriends are already asking me for invitation lists for bridal showers. Would it be impolite to invite people I can't afford to invite to the wedding to one of my bridal showers?